VIEW Announces Keynote, Guest Speakers

Keynoters Mark Osborne (The Little Prince), Randy Thom (The Peanuts Movie), Jorge Gutierrez (The Book of Life) and Shannon Tindle (On Ice) join guest speakers Scott Carroll (The Peanuts Movie), Michael Kurinsky (Hotel Transylvania 2), Kim White (Inside Out), and Richard Starzak and Paul Kewley (Shaun the Sheep Movie) at the upcoming the VIEW conference in Turin, Italy, Oct. 19-23.

  • Osborne will pilot attendees through the challenging creative process he and his team underwent to translate the classic French story into an animated feature. “We wanted to pay tribute to and honor this poetic and much beloved work and introduce new readers to the fantastic world that Saint-Exupéry created more than 70 years ago,” Osborne said.
  • In “Teaching the Camera to Listen: From Apocalypse Now to The Peanuts Movie, ” Thom will use film clips to deconstruct the visual and sonic “nuts and bolts” that hold films together, and show how to use sound to build better movies in the future.
  • In “Every Picture Tells a Story,” Gutierrez will take attendees on a wild, 25-year journey through his illustrious career.
  • Tindle will explore his latest Google Spotlight Story, which takes a wacky, 360-degree VR turn.
  • Carroll, the supervising animator at Blue Sky, will discuss “From Comic Strip to Feature Film: The Peanuts Movie,” and how it captures the line drawings of the beloved Schulz strips.
  • In “Production Designing Hotel Transylvania 2,” Sony’s Kurinsky explores the refinement of the 2D-inspired ethos.
  • In “Illuminating Joy: The Lighting of Inside Out,” White, a DOP at Pixar, discusses the unique lighting properties of Joy as the source of her own illumination.
  • The Aardman directors will explore the challenges of adapting Shaun the Sheep from series to the big screen.


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