Turning Into the Woods into a Post-9/11 Metaphor

Into the Woods should score several key craft noms, with production designer Dennis Gassner and costume designer Colleen Atwood the favorites to win again.

Rob Marshall said he found the perfect post-9/11 metaphor for  Into the Woods: loss and comfort. He also struck the right balance between theatricality and naturalism for Stephen Sondheim’s fairy tale deconstruction, combining pre-recording and live recording for the music. The key was choreographing this rite of passage as a big dance.

The first design inspiration for the ancient, majestic Woods was Angel Oaks in Georgia, which production designer Dennis Gassner found on Google. He showed Marshall Angel Oaks to get an idea of scale, size, and uniqueness. ”We could never go there for obvious reasons but had to go on the search for what are basically the Woods and all the connecting tissue and the beginning of the story of the village and all of the characters,” recalls Gassner (Spectre).

Of course, the costumes too were part of this fabric but with special requirements. Meryl Streep wanted a Blue Fairy vibe for her Witch’s glam transformation (remember she voiced the Blue Fairy in AI), and Johnny Depp wanted to re-enact Tex Avery’s iconic Big Bad Wolf with Zoot suit.

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