Trailering SPECTRE: A Kite Dancing in a Hurricane

It’s fun trying to piece together the clues from the new SPECTRE teaser, in which Daniel Craig’s James Bond confronts more demons from the past in his fourth outing that will impact his future course. Thus, it’s a continuation of Skyfall and not everything from his childhood has been buried. There’s no such thing as a regular mission so far in the Craig era, and 007 continues grappling with trust and betrayal in what looks to be a very baroque-looking crucible.

Here’s what we’ve learned (SPOILER ALERT):

* Personal effects recovered from Skyfall reveal a photograph of a man with his arm around a boy holding a hiking pole. There’s a third figure who’s face has been removed from the burnt photograph. It could be Bond and his parents or…

*We know from the Octopussy short story that Hans Oberhauser was Bond’s ski instructor and father figure, and that Christoph Waltz plays Franz Oberhauser, probably his son. A legal document reveals that H. Oberhauser was granted temporary custody, so maybe they are in the photo with Bond.

* Bond discovers a SPECTRE ring (with the familiar octopus insignia), which leads him to his old Quantum nemesis, Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) in Austria: “You’re a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond.”

* Bond infiltrates a secret meeting (exquisitely shot by Hoyte van Hoytema) where a shadowy figure (Waltz) in a mysterious Blofeld-like  pose, says, “Welcome James, it’s been a long time. And, finally, here we are.” 

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