Trailering Prologue Short from Richard Williams


Fresh from its acclaimed Telluride premiere, Richard Williams’ Prologue short starts its Oscar qualifying run on Friday at the Laemmle Royal in West  LA. Watch the trailer below.

After his trouble-plagued The Thief and the Cobbler, Williams has been reluctant to make another feature, but the muse returned and the six-minute, hand-drawn short is the prologue to an ambitious idea he first had as a teenager: the Spartan-Athenian wars 2,400 years ago as seen through the eyes of a small girl. There’s no dialogue — just fluid motion and natural sounds. It’s back to basics for Williams and now he has the ability to animate precisely what’s in his imagination, inspired by Kurosawa and various silent film masters, and manipulating 6,000 complex animated life drawings with the latest tech.

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