The VFX Tipping Point?

I assess the Digital Domain fallout and the symptoms plaguing the VFX industry in my latest TOH/Indiewire column.  However, I also point out a few success stories to counter the gloom and doom.

As one insider explained, “The challenge with VFX is there is no standard currency. How can you stop people undercutting each other when there are no standards? It’s not like we make widgets. The big facilities carry more overhead and will always be more expensive.”

However, there are bleeding edge companies mainly driven by people who understand what it’s like to work in the trenches and produce quality work with innovative biz models: Pixomondo (Hugo, Snow White and the Huntsman), Scanline VFX (Looper, Cloud Atlas), Uncharted Territory (White House Down), The Creative Cartel (Ted), and Atomic Fiction (Flight, Looper).

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