The Inceptionization of The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster has been unveiled by Warner Bros., and the graphic design of Gotham City immediately brings to mind visions of Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Obvious marketing connections aside, I asked VFX supervisor Paul Franklin about the take away from Inception during the run up to Oscar in February. First off, he said that Nolan was now very comfortable with signing off on early animatics or simple setups rather than waiting for a shot to be nearly finished.”I could quite happily show him stuff at early stages that in the past I might’ve hesitated to show to a director,” Franklin suggested.

Key, though, was the new level of photorealism achieved on Inception that was going to pay dividends in the depiction of a more complex Gotham.”There’s nothing that gets me too worried about environment work anymore,” Franklin said. “There’s no standing still with Chris Nolan.”

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012.

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