SPECTRE Vlog #4: Bondizing Day of the Dead

The latest SPECTRE vlog takes us behind the scenes of the elaborate Day of the Dead Bond opener with 1,500 extras in full costume.

Sam Mendes and a slew of costumers/hair crafts people give us a brief glimpse into recreating the the famous festival shot in Mexico City for the illustrious pre-credit sequence. Thunderball’s Junkanoo festival comes to mind, as does the New Orleans and voodoo vibe of Live and Let Die: But producer Michael Wilson proclaims it’s the “biggest sequence we’ve ever done.”

There’s no action here but if you look closely at the latest TV spot, there’s a chase and a helicopter fight. This has the all the makings of the first traditional pre-credit sequence of the Craig era. The only question is: Do we get the gunbarrel back in its proper place? We’ll find out Nov. 6 when SPECTRE opens stateside.

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