Landau Talks Making Avatar 2 Better for Cameron

Lightstorm’s Jon Landau discussed the second-gen virtual production process being assembled for Avatar 2 at Autodesk’s User’s Group meeting Tuesday night in Anaheim as part of SIGGRAPH 2013.

Autodesk is working with Lightstorm and Weta Digital to make the process more efficient, allowing James Cameron to light scenes for greater image fidelity and more detail, thanks to improvements in MotionBuilder.

Landau stressed that it’s all about capturing the actors live on stage for more accurate feedback from the virtual camera, allowing Cameron to get the performance he wants, especially the all-important close-up. Landau showed footage captured at Giant Studios last November that looked much richer than what was captured for Avatar.

MotionBuilder now loads, saves, and merges files together much faster than before, and is more closely integrated to the editorial workflow. Motion capture and live input data can be recorded to disk in the softwareÂ’s non-linear editor so Cameron can record multiple takes in rapid sequence; actors can act out their scenes uninterrupted; and stage crew can work instantly with editorial to build and refine shots. Additionally, the software now includes HD SDI video output support, which allows MotionBuilder to be integrated into studio video broadcast systems, designed to introduce zero frames of lag. This will benefit the crew and Weta.

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