Pixar Licenses NVIDIA Tech

To accelerate production of its features and shorts, Pixar is licensing a suite of NVIDIA technologies related to image rendering.

The multi-year strategic licensing agreement gives Pixar access to NVIDIA’s quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC) rendering methods. These methods can make rendering more efficient, especially when powered by GPUs and other massively parallel computing architectures.

“NVIDIA and Pixar have worked together for years to improve workflows in content creation,” said Steven Parker, VP of engineering and CTO of rendering technology at NVIDIA. “With NVIDIA’s QMC sampling technology, Pixar can accelerate its creative process while continuing to produce visual imagery and animation of the very highest standard.”

“Pixar has long used NVIDIA GPU technology to push the limits of what is possible in animation and the filmmaking process,” added Steve May, VP and CTO at Pixar. “NVIDIA’s particular QMC implementation has the potential to enhance rendering functionality and significantly reduce our rendering times.”

As part of the agreement, NVIDIA will also contribute ray-tracing technology to Pixar’s OpenSubdiv Project, an open-source initiative to promote high-performance subdivision surface evaluation on massively parallel CPU and GPU architectures. This will enable rendering of complex Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces in animation with unprecedented precision.

Meanwhile, Pixar will present unprecedented insights into the development of RenderMan’s advanced RIS technology at SIGGRAPH 2015 next week at the LA Convention Center. To do full justice to the range of possibilities that RIS enables, a major new Art & Science Fair will be held on Wednesday at Club Nokia at LA Live, in which RenderMan experts will share their vision of the future of cinematic rendering and showcase how RenderMan is making waves in the production industry, including previously undisclosed early production shots from upcoming Pixar feature films.

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