Pixar Comes to FMX 2013

Pixar’s Oscar-winning Brave and new Blue Umbrella short will be showcased at FMX 2013 in Stuttgart (April 23-26), Europe’s most influential conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia.

Character TD Alexander Nehls will discuss simulation in his Brave presentation, encompassing the gorgeous beauty of the Scottish Highlands in the acclaimed folk tale directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman.

Saschka Unseld, who successfully completed his studies at the Institute of Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2004 and started working at Pixar in 2008, presents The Blue Umbrella, which will screen before Monsters University(June 21). It’s about a blue umbrella falling for a red one, despite the challenge of a rainstorm, and how the city landscape comes alive and marks the first experiment in photorealism at Pixar.

The camera and staging artist took advantage of new advances in global illumination to create a photographic look in which everyday street objects have faces and people walk along the street. The Blue Umbrella also uses “deep compositing” for the first time in which images are layered with three-dimensional data for greater depth of field.

Christophe Hery discusses lighting & rendering in The Blue Umbrella as well as other movies, while production manager Joshua Hollander gives an overview of the technical, production, and creative processes behind Pixar’s stereoscopic releases.

Jon Peddie, digital media pioneer and computer graphics marketer, gives two presentations at FMX. In his keynote for the “Cloud Computing” series curated by NVIDIA ARC’s Ludwig von Reiche, the Jon Peddie Research (JPR) founder explores what Cloud Computing means for design, animation, visual effects, and neighboring industries. Peddie demonstrates how devices, displays and other gadgets for immersive and augmented reality experiences in different environments offer new visionary perspectives for design and communication. Peddie is supported by JPR VP Kathleen Maher, who also presents a talk on “Managing and Making Entertainment” that illustrates the advantages and challenges involved in the creation of digital content in the Cloud. The “New Technology” series features another presentation where Peddie gives a global overview of the latest technical changes triggered by the ongoing paradigm shift.

As a long-standing and proven tradition, acclaimed companies contribute to the Conference program and the Forum at FMX, allowing FMX guests to benefit from their expertise and innovation. The Marketplace gathers software and hardware companies such as Ncam and Solid Anim whose technologies were both applied in Scorsese’s Hugo; both provide real time camera tracking technologies.

What’s more,  Adobe, Maxon, Next Limit Technologies, and Shotgun will talk about their 5.0 release, which offers collaboration and review tools designed specifically for artists and supervisors, as well as Side Effects and Imagineer Systems, whose Mocha Pro software was distinguished with a Technical Academy Award. Even though the VFX industry is currently facing a crisis, several renowned companies continue to look for creative talent at the FMX Recruiting Hub, among them industry leaders such as Method Studios (VFX for Cloud Atlas and Argo), MPC (VFX for Life of Pi and Skyfall), video game company Crytek, and regional CG specialists such as eder Medien Management. In addition, Autodesk invites visitors to get an inside seat at their four-day company suite. Notable partners, international schools and educational institutions further enrich the FMX program. “Fast Forward Education” is a brand-new type of presentation that builds bridges between academia and industry where film, media and design schools present upcoming projects, outstanding talent and inspiring ideas. Many international schools from as far away as New Zealand have already booked their “Fast Forward Education” slots.

Regional specifics and cultural characteristics influence and transform digital entertainment. FMX gives this fact due credit by highlighting innovation and inspiration across the globe. This year’s series “Innovative Places” looks to Austria, Toronto, and Turkey. Hosted by Max Hoefferer, general secretary of the IG Computergrafik, who introduces Austria’s CG industry, the track on Germany’s neighboring country features You get me –Walt Disney Record’s full-CG music video by producer and lead animator Kris Staber (Arx Anima), “Microworlds” — an overview of animated microscopic images by Reinhold Fragner  (Industrial Motion Art Filmproduktion GmbH) and alternative production pipelines presented by Roman Saravia (Friendly Fire Communications GmbH).

In addition, FMX focuses on Turkey’s evolving VFX and animation sectors. Curated by digital colorist and ColorMeUp! academy founder Andreas Brueckl, the track comprises presentations by 3D animator & director Murat Izzet Arslan and post-producer Cenk Koksal  (both 1000 Volt) as well as Anima Instanbul’s director and partner Mehmet Kurtulus. Shifting its gaze to Canada, William Cheng, set designer for Total Recall, Resident Evil 4: After Life, and Guillermo del Toro’s highly-anticipated Pacific Rim, curates a program on Toronto, supported by the Ontario International Marketing Centre Munich. This track includes presentations by Bill Skolnik, executive director/CEO of DGC Ontario, and Randy McLean, Acting Film Commissioner at the City of Toronto Film Commission.

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