Park Road Wins IBC 2013 Innovation Award

Park Road Post Production won an IBC 2013 Innovation Award this week for its pioneering high frame rate pipeline work on Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  Jackson additionally won the International Honor for Excellence.

Utilizing SGO’s Mistika platform as the hub of its large DI infrastructure, Park Road co-developed tools across the entire pipeline for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

SGO worked in parallel with the Park Road team in Wellington from pre-production through to final delivery of the movie developing the tools and inbuilt-HFR feature-set needed to meet the extremely high demands of this complicated production, from on-set services, grading and exhibiting HFR digital dailies through to the DI online, stereoscopic work, and final color grading.

Miguel Angel Doncel, SGO’s CEO, said, “We have immense gratitude to Park Road for their inspirational support and extensive feedback. The results are breathtaking, and have made movie history.”

Park Road Post Production’s Head of Technology, Phil Oatley, added,  ”We are thrilled to see the amazing work achieved by Park Road, SGO, and all our innovation partners recognized.”

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