Pacific Rim Offers Drift Space Featurette

We go deeper into “pilot to pilot connection” in a new “Drift Space” featurette from Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim (July 12).

One of the original ideas was coming up with the neurological bridge technology (“drift”) connecting two pilots with the computer to operate the Jaeger robots. The director and actors explain that the pilots share memories during the drift to become one, which is visually arresting and psychologically dangerous.  Pacific Rim, therefore, takes on an element of horror as well.

Meanwhile, ILM’s diverse VFX involving character animation, trippy environments, and advanced fluid simulation overseen by John Knoll (ILM’s new chief creative officer), Hal Hickel, Lindy De Quattro and Eddie Pasquarello is further proof that this will likely be the VFX Oscar favorite.

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