NVIDIA Unveils New Quadro at SIGGRAPH

NVIDIA unveiled its next gen of Quadro GPUs at SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver with a lineup delivering up to twice the application performance and data-handling capability of the previous generation to work with more complex models and higher-res images and to incorporate cloud-based resources, and to access work remotely, often on mobile devices.

NVIDIA  previewed some of the new processing power earlier this summer at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Pickford Center. The demonstrations revealed a “creator focused” model that brings visual computing right onto the live-action production set.

NVIDA offered iray as “the world’s first GPU accelerated and physically correct, photo-realistic rendering solution. When combined with the parallel processing power of the latest Nvidia GPUs, iray achieves interactive speeds that dramatically reduce the iterative creative process of perfecting a scene. Unlike most production renderers, iray delivers results that reflect real-world behaviors, liberating designers from needing expert knowledge of computer graphics techniques to achieve photo-realistic results.”

“The next generation of Quadro GPUs not only dramatically increases graphics and compute performance to handle huge data sets. It extends the concept of visual computing from a graphics card in a workstation to a connected environment,” said Jeff Brown, VP of Professional Visualization at NVIDIA. “The new Quadro lineup lets users interact with their designs or data locally on a workstation, remotely on a mobile device or in tandem with cloud-based services.”

“From increased efficiency to new workflow models, the results we’ve achieved with the latest Quadro GPUs are fundamental to our future,” added Framestore CTO Steve MacPherson. “The world’s leading brands and studios trust Framestore because of our history of creativity and successful delivery, which depends on a technology infrastructure and talent base that has no boundaries in terms of realizing a creative vision. NVIDIA Quadro is an essential component to helping us keep our edge, and gives us the reassurance of knowing the graphics technology our artists rely on has been developed specifically for professional users with the highest standards of reliability and compatibility.”

Benefits of New Quadro GPUs

The new generation of Quadro GPUs – the K5200, K4200, K2200, K620 and K420 – enables users to:

• Interact with data sets or designs up to twice the size handled by previous generations.

• Remotely interact with graphics applications from a Quadro-based workstation from essentially any device, including PCs, Macs and tablets.

• Run major applications – such as Adobe CC, Autodesk Design Suite and Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS 2014 – on average 40 percent faster than with previous Quadro cards.

• Switch effortlessly from local GPU rendering to cloud-based offerings using NVIDIA Iray rendering.

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