Meet the New Q of Skyfall

The first image of Ben Whishaw’s reintroduction of Q in Skyfall (Nov. 9)  has emerged on  The mop-haired, bespectacled nerd reminds me of Tom Courtenay (The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner), further proof that Skyfall not only takes us back to the spirit of the early Bonds but also to the kitchen sink dramas that Bond escaped from. Whishaw previously appeared with Daniel Craig in Layer Cake and will also be seen this year in Cloud Atlas (Nov. 26), directed by the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer.

Q, of course, first appeared in Dr. No as Quartermaster Major Boothroyd (Peter Burton), who presented him with the Walther PPK, but was most famously played by Desmond Llewelyn in a record 17 films, starting with From Russia with Love and ending with The World Is Not Enough. John Cleese was introduced in that film as R and was promoted to Q in Die Another Day. However, for the first time Whishaw’s Q is younger than Bond, so that should make for an interesting new dynamic. Perhaps a sibling-like rivalry. Bond definitely looks bored in the background as Q fiddles with his computer.

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