Kickstarting Abo & Karo: The Mini-Movie!

Hayk Manukan & Moolt Films (The Ricky Gervais Show, Monster High, Teen Titans Go,  UMIGO) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000 for its 11-minute short, Abo & Karo: The Mini-Movie!  The deadline is Sept. 20th.

In 2007, Hayk Manukyan started animating shorts about two Armenian brothers, Abo and Karo and their family. In eight years, he has created 50+ shorts, gained nearly 15,000 subscribers, and 8 million+ video views for his YouTube Channel. The Abo & Karo: Mini-Movie focuses on an Armenian family living in America. Think Kardashians — minus the naughty tape, reality show, fame, model contracts, basketball husbands, fortune, Kanye West, crazy weddings, too many siblings to count on one hand, big butts, and a transgender Olympic gold medal winner parent — and you have Abo & Karo’s family!

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