Immersed in Blu-ray: Ed Wood

With Frankenweenie coming out next week, it was great timing for Disney to release Ed Wood on Blu-ray. They are interesting companion pieces about misfits, passion, movie making, and the joys of black and white. Johnny Depp and Martin Landau have never been better (with the latter nabbing a best supporting Oscar as Bela Lugosi). The Blu-ray looks dazzling and the movie holds up as one of Tim Burton’s best.

In fact, at last week’s Frankenweenie junket, Landau reminisced about Ed Wood. He recalled being surprised when Burton called him up personally to let him know that the script was on its way. The actor thought it was a prank but was enticed after reading Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski’s off-beat biopic. However, Landau was uncertain about playing Lugosi and Burton told him he wouldn’t make the movie without him. So Laundau insisted on a test, but he thought he looked dreadful in the makeup. But when looking at a photo that was faxed, he recommended that they shoot it in black and white. Unfortunately, Paramount refused so Burton took it to Disney, and the rest is history.

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