Humanizing Jurassic World with Indominus Rex

For Colin Trevorrow, the transition from Safety Not Guaranteed to Jurassic World meant finding a deeply personal theme that he could relate to: reconnecting with our humanity in the face of greed, which, of course, took him back to the Amblin movies he grew up with in Vermont.  And the creation of the hybrid Indominus Rex enabled him to contrast the old with the new.

“The creation of that hybrid animal is done for one reason alone — to make a lot of money,” Trevorrow added. “We create a lot of monsters in the name of money. And if I were to look back at the last 22 years and the lessons that we’ve learned about making a new science-fiction film, it seems like that’s a recurring theme.”

However, it was most important to build the story around the familiar Spielberg themes of family dislocation, alienation and the fear of divorce. What Trevorrow added to this was sibling conflicts between sisters Bryce Dallas Howard and Judy Greer and between teenage brothers Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins.

“This is something that has been on my mind and is something that informs my filmmkaing and seems most relevant to me,” the director explained. “My family is doing quite well and the divorce element was not necessarily a personal one, but what felt personal was having a sibling and that moment in life when one is moving on and the other is feeling left behind, and the older one having to become a parent.”

Lack of family and nurturing also extends to the Indominus, which is isolated in captivity as opposed to the four sibling Raptors, which have developed social skills and have been nurtured by Chris Pratt’s expert trainer.

“Even though they’re all synthetic, I thought it would be interesting to create something that was such an abomination of man that it would make the other creations feel organic in comparison,” Trevorrow suggested.

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