FMX 2013 Offers Iron Man 3 and Oblivion

FMX 2013 is happening next week Tuesday through Friday in Stuttgart, Germany. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend but the latest conference on nimation, effects, games, and transmedia will be touting Iron Man 3 (May 3) and Oblivion, among other new and upcoming treats.

Weta Digital and Trixter will be on hand to explore the complexities of Iron Man 3:  Weta’s Guy Williams will present the seaport environment build and destruction that made it possible to realize the “Extremist” character effect. Weta’s animation supervisor Aaron Gilman will tackle the transformation and destruction of 32 different Iron Man suits throughout the battle sequence.  Meanwhile, Trixter’s VFX supervisor and head of compositing Alessandro Cioffi discusses the latest Tony Stark arsenal with concept artist Luis Guggenberger.

Oblivion production supervisor Bjørn Mayer of Pixomondo will explore with VFX supervisor Thilo Ewers the complex CG environments they obtained for the Sky Tower sequence from their unusual pre-production work in Hawaii, building a panoramic front projection system on set and reprojecting images in real-time instead of using blue screen.

Kim Libreri, chief strategy officer at Lucasfilm, will also discuss his invaluable insights on the tech state of the industry with the VES’s Eric Roth.

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  1. Cliffhanger4

    Can’t wait for Iron Man 3. Downey makes Tony Stark – who could easily be an insufferable character – so endearing and vulnerable. It’s hard to believe Cruise was tapped to play Stark at one time – I always feel a certain coldness and remove from him, and it would have completely changed the tone of the Iron Man series. Sometimes movies seredipitously hit that perfect casting that makes a character iconic, and luckily the Iron Man movies (and Avengers, too, after a few tries with Hulk) have definitely achieved that.

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