Disney Announces Frozen 2

Now that Disney chairman/CEO Bob Iger announced that Frozen 2 is in active development at a shareholder’s meeting this morning in San Francisco, will it center on Olaf, the lovable snowman voiced by Josh Gad (who was also present at the announcement)?

I recently spoke with directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee about Olaf in a conversation about the Frozen Fever short playing in front of Cinderella.

It turns out that they played with the idea of an Olaf short but struggled with such a radical departure, and wound up focusing instead on a more liberated Elsa.

“Well, I think, the key that we found with all the characters is that there’s a balance in how they work together,” Lee explained. “And Olaf works really well with anybody and we love that. He states the obvious, brings up the extra point — he’s a perfect foil. You learn as you go who he is and what makes him only speak as Olaf. You can’t just put him out there. You need to understand how he works.”

In other words, expanding Olaf’s role is challenging but doable given the right story and dynamics.

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