Clipping Anomalisa: Meet Michael and Lisa

Watch two new featurettes from Anomalisa, the Oscar-contending adult stop-motion feature from Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, which opens this week in LA and NY from Paramount.

The crew at Starburns Industries made 1,261 faces and 1,000 props for the movie, and the final cut has 118,089 frames of handmade animation, which took three years to produce. Each animator working on the project had a goal of two seconds (48 frames) of animation per day.

In “Meeting Michael,” learn about inspirational speaker Michael Stone (David Thewlis), who has no inspiration in his life and can’t relate to anyone. That is, until he meets Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh).

In “Meeting Lisa,” we learn about this sweet, homely girl, who achingly sings “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

The animation achieves a delicate balance between the naturalistic and the artificial, with no attempt to hide the seams on the 3D-printed faces. It enhances their frailty, especially during the unforgettable sex sequence, which took six months alone to animate. Never has stop-motion been tapped so daringly to explore what it’s like to be trapped in our own bodies and realities.

Check out my interview with puppet supervisor Caroline Kastelic (“How They Puppeteered Anomalisa”). Also, the Museum of the Moving Image is currently presenting “The World of Anomalisa,” an installation of two sets and puppets through March 27, 2016.

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