Clipping Aloha from Cameron Crowe

Cameron Crowe looks like he’s back in great rom-com form with Aloha (May 29), a very personal movie about second chances that was worth the wait.

Oscar-winner Crowe (Almost Famous), who hit a speed bump 10 years ago with Elizabethtown (don’t get me started — I adore this fascinating failure), knows a thing or two about second chances in his personal and professional life, and revisits familiar territory with greater urgency and a touch of Billy Wilder.  His writing and directing appear sharp, and if he pulls it off, Aloha can stand right next to Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, and Say Anything) and he’s assembled another dream cast with Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Bill Murray, and Alec Baldwin.

In Aloha, a celebrated military contractor (Cooper) returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs — the US Space program in Honolulu, Hawaii — and reconnects with a long-ago love (McAdams) while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watchdog (Stone) assigned to him.

Cinematographer Eric Gautier (Into the Wild), production designer Clay Griffith (Jerry Maguire), and editor Joe Hutshing (Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire) lend craft support.

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