Christian Bale Talks Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings

While Christian Bale admitted that you can’t out-Heston Charlton Heston in playing the all-consuming Moses, the real question was if Ridley Scott can out-Gladiator Gladiator with Exodus: Gods and Kings (Dec. 12). After glimpsing about a half-hour of powerful footage that left us wanting more on Tuesday, the answer is definitely yes (watch the new trailer below).

In fact, Fox will probably have another Best Picture Oscar contender to go along with David Fincher’s hot Gone Girl. Scott’s ambitious retelling of Moses as conflicted revolutionary is right up the Academy’s alley. It should score a slew of above and below the line noms, including potential nods for Dariusz Wolski’s gritty cinematography, Arthur Max’s opulent production design, Janty Yates’ authentic-looking costumes, James Harrison’s thunderous sound design, Double Negative’s incomplete yet impressive VFX, Alberto Iglesias’ as-yet-unheard score and Billy Rich’s tight editing.

Bale was utterly fascinated by “the troubled, tumultuous, mercurial Moses,” but had no idea how complex Moses was so he threw himself in the study of Torah as well as the Koran and Jonathan Kirsch’s Moses: A Life biography. “The nature of God was equally as mercurial,” the actor adds. “He threatens to wipe out everyone but Moses and he convinces him not to… There’s no afterlife, no mention of the devil; this is the God of good and evil…”

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