Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee Talk Frozen Fever

The gang’s all back for the new Frozen Fever short playing in front of Cinderella, in which Elsa (Idina Menzel) gets a cold while preparing a surprise birthday party for Anna (Kristen Bell). And with Frozen 2 just announced, we got to speculate about potentially expanding the role of Olaf (Josh Gad) as well.

Bill Desowitz: When did it hit you that you were back but that it was different?

Chris Buck: In animation dailies, I think the first time back, so actually seeing the characters move again. And you go, “Oh, it’s different — they’re not doing the same scenes or the same shots.”

BD: But they’re doing things that are similar and singing a song (“Make Today the Perfect Day”) that echoes the past.

Jennifer Lee: But I think we were overwhelmed with the idea of even doing it. And we sort of found our way into the story and we were building it and you get wrapped up in it. And when we did see that first animated moment, it got a little emotional. She’s back — she’s alive again. But getting there was surreal…

CB: Surreal is a good word.

BD: How did you come up with the idea?

CB: So the first brainstorming that we did was early June and we just started playing with things. The obvious thing was to do an Olaf short. So we started playing with that a little bit. Then one of our great story artists, Marc Smith, said, “What if Elsa had a cold?” And we all went with it.

JL: And what kept coming up for us was that Elsa was the one character who was this very tragic figure from the film and at the end of the film is free, but you only get about one minute with her post experience. And so what is Elsa like now that she is free? It was this moment where we were like, “That was the most fun for us,” and what other things could happen with her magic?

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