Animation Show of Shows to Expand

Producer Ron Diamond (Acme Filmworks/AWN) will be turning his annual shorts showcase, The Animation Show of Shows, into a non-profit organization to preserve and promote animated shorts.

“Each year I travel to animation festivals around the world in search of new directors making significant, visually compelling, highly entertaining animated short films that are rich in aesthetic,” said Diamond, president of The Animation Show of Shows Inc., who was honored last week with a Crystal Anvil Award from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. “Now with our new non-profit banner, we’re excited to not only share new films that reflect trends in narrative and showcase experimental animation styles, but we’re also able to restore classic short films so they can be seen by audiences everywhere as well.”

The organization has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the 17th annual Animation Show of Shows, as well as the start of the restoration work, which is being done through Acme Filmworks. The first film to be restored will be Hangman (1964), directed by Les Goldman and Paul Julian.

Confirmed for this year’s Show of Shows lineup is Oscar-nominated director Konstantin Bronzit’s acclaimed short, We Can’t Live Without Cosmos.

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