Alonso of Marvel to Keynote VES Summit

Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studios EVP of visual effects and post production, will keynote the 6th annual VES Summit, titled “Networking and Visual Imagery Evolution.”  The interactive forum will take place on Oct. 18 at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

Visual Imagery Panel – the VES Summit will feature a special panel discussion exploring the question, What constitutes Visual Imagery… and what do many of the recent award winners for VFX, cinematography, production design have in common?  Is visual effects the common denominator or is it animation, as can be argued by the manipulation of actors’ bodies, heads and facial features. Perhaps it’s cinematography and/or a large amount of the credit can go to production design as shown by the seamless integration of non-existent sets and the interchangeable use of physical and digital props and set-pieces. And obviously, the director’s vision is shepherded to fruition by all these amazing artists. With the forethought and planning required for virtual production, the art and science that goes into this process requires great collaboration, and this panel will try to sort out “what’s what?” and how best to work together to get the magic on screen as intended.

Business Roundtables – the VES Summit interactive discussions are moderated by innovators and senior executives from Bad Robot Productions, CBS Digital, Encore, HBO, Shotgun Software, Twitch, TBWA/Chiat Day, USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Roundtable sessions include:

CROWD FUNDING – Animation Episodes 10 Minutes at a Pop

Moderator: Brandon Fayette — VFX Supervisor at J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Prods.

HBO GAME OF THRONES – Proactive Production Success with Game of Thrones and other HBO Series

Moderator: Stephen Beres — Vice President, Media & Technology Operations Group, HBO

VIRTUAL REALITY: HOW IT’S CHANGING FILMMAKING – The latest VR developments in content and technology

Moderator: George Bloom — Executive Producer, CBS Digital

VIDEO GAMES AND REAL TIME RENDERING – Exploring Companies, Technology and Business Models

Moderator: David Johnson — Lead Visual Effects Artist, Infinity Ward Studio

VFX FOR TELEVISION – Doing a Feature in a 100th of the Time

Moderator: Stephan Fleet — Executive Creative Director, Encore

MARS ROVER – Using Imagery to Maneuver in Other Worldly Ways

Moderator: Frank Hartman — Senior Software Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

LIVE-STREAMED ENTERTAINMENT / TWITCH TV – Navigating the Waters of New Media

Moderator: Matthew dipietro — Vice President of Marketing, Twitch

INSTITUTE FOR CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES – From the Ivory Tower to the Silver Screen

Moderator: Paul Debevec — Associate Director of Graphics Research at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – How to Create a Successful Business in Today’s Climate

Moderator: Don Parker — CEO and Co-founder, Shotgun Software

COMMERCIALS – Understanding Client Expectations

Moderator: Sarah Patterson — Executive Producer, TBWA/Chiat Day, Los Angeles

EXPERIENTIAL MEDIA – Creativity in Special Venue & Themed Media

Moderator: Brent Young — Principal and Creative Director, Super 78

FREELANCE: – Surviving as A Nomad

Moderator: Debra Blanchard Knight — President, Fringe Talent

CONTRACTING – Best Practices of Contracting

Moderator: Marc E. Hankin, Esq — Hankin Patent Law, APC

ANIMATION DOMINATION – Getting your Animated Project to Delivery Quicker and Prettier

Moderator: Dave Walvoord — Visual FX Supervisor

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