Adam Green Talks Oscar-Nominated Get A Horse!

Quite simply, if the CG Mickey couldn’t match the hand-drawn model refashioned to look like the 1928 original, the Oscar-nominated Get A Horse!  short wouldn’t have worked. And that was the responsibility of CG supervisor Adam Green (FrozenWreck-It RalphTangled), who worked side-by-side with 2D supervisor Eric Goldberg. Indeed, Green was mentored by Goldberg during this unique production that brilliantly encapsulates the history of Mickey and Disney.

To achieve the rougher performance of ’28, though, they had to “evolve backwards,” as Goldberg suggests. “That meant snapping into poses very hard and leaving them there for two or three frames at a time,” Green explains. “The CG animators had to retrain themselves because today’s style is so much more fluid. For instance, whenever they spline a shot, often the computer will put in subtle drifts that carries from one shot to the next. We took that out and let the character stop moving completely, which is sometimes a cardinal sin. But we found it didn’t sell the effect if we didn’t do that.”

Director Lauren MacMullan’s vision of going back to Mickey at his inception entailed using CG as a tool but didn’t limit the capacity of CG to keep Mickey on model. That meant a lot of cheating, of course. They pulled his ear off at times and his head wasn’t always connected in manipulating the rig, but the front ear needed to be back a bit and evenly spaced, as did the back ear.

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