Academy to Widen Animation Nominations

In a continuing effort to be more inclusive of its 6,000 plus membership, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences will expand the nominating process for animated features and shorts, according to THR.

No longer will nominees in those categories be solely chosen by half the members from the Short Films and Animated Feature branch and half from other branches (to prevent unfair voting blocs but with no affiliation with the movies in contention),  or have to attend Sunday screenings in L.A.

Now Academy members outside of L.A. will be able to serve on the Screening committee and view the contenders on Blu-ray or DVD screeners. This follows on the heels of recently providing screeners  of all nominated animated and live-action shorts (also available online) as well as documentary features  to all members of the Academy. Meanwhile, it will now send screeners for all nominated documentary shorts and foreign language features to the entire membership.

The Short Films and Feature Animation committee has about 400 members and is currently chaired by Jon Bloom (a board of governor with John Lasseter and Bill Kroyer).

What will be the impact? Will it open up more indie nominees or incur more studio representation?

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