Wild DP Belanger on Capturing Witherspoon

Best Actress nominee Reese Witherspoon can thank cinematographer Yves Belanger for making her an unforgettable presence in The Wild landscape.

“Reese had very pale blue eyes so each time we had a close-up on her, we could see the landscape,” Yves Belanger recalls.  ”I wanted to see her eyes, her skin react to the bounce off the snow or the grass or the sand.  It’s like shooting the human face as the landscape and shooting the landscape as the human face.”

After discovering a naturalistic approach with Dallas Buyers Club,  director Jean-Marc Vallee and Belanger adjusted their plan when roughing it in Oregon. “Jean-Marc has a very simple theory about camera movement: it only moves when the character moves,” continues the cinematographer from Montreal. “But we want to see the landscape so we used modern Master Prime lenses [with the Alexa]. And for the flashbacks, we used old [Zeiss] lenses instead of doing crazy things with the color grading. We wanted a contrastier, dirtier look.”

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