Watch Dazzling Telescope Short

Here’s a trippy new time travel Telescope short to check out, co-directed by Northwestern grads Matt Litwiller & Collin Davis and featuring VFX by Matt Ball (The Maze Runner, Ruin).

It’s 2183, Earth is dead, and a archaeologist (Bello Lubin) tries to capture images of the once vibrant planet from outer space. However, a mechanical failure causes him to abort and become more than just a cosmic voyeur. “Peering into the abyss…. The abyss appears to return our gaze.”

Shot by Travis Labella on the Sony F65, utilizing a 4K workflow throughout, they took advantage of the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) and 16-bit OpenEXR format.



The short is currently being used to test high dynamic range display technologies, with the hope of turning Telescope into a feature.


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