Watch Complete Head over Heels Short

Fresh from his Annie win last week for best student film, Timothy Reckart’s stop-motion Oscar contender, Head over Heels, is now available online. It joins Paperman, Adam and Dog, and Fresh Guacamole. Meanwhile, Maggie Simpson in: The Longest Daycare is back in theaters this weekend in 3-D with Life of Pi.

Reckart made his short about a marriage on the rocks turned upside down while studying at the famed NFTS outside of London, and was inspired by Rembrandt’s Philosopher in Meditation. “That image led to the idea of two people living in the same house, one on the ceiling and one on the floor,” he explains. “And from there, I glommed onto the idea about the political disagreement in the U.S. getting more angry and hostile and used that as a metaphor with this marriage. I really think we should push for understanding in our disagreements instead of demonizing. So you have two people that see the world differently and they have to find a way to live together.”

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