Vblogging Skyfall Bond Girls, Heineken Bonds with 007

While it became official that James Bond got torch singer Adele for the Skyfall main title song, there was also a new vlog introducing Bond girls Eve (Naomie Harris) and Severine (Berenice Marlohe).  One is a rough-and-tumble MI6 field agent that fulfills every fantasy that Miss Moneypenny ever had, while the other is a more exotic femme fatale that can lead 007 to baddie Silva (Javier Bardem).

Speaking of Silva, a new international TV spot provides more of his flamboyant yet grounded evil.  This one’s more personal and has nothing to do with world domination.

And there’s a clever Heineken “Crack the Case” commercial with Daniel Craig, Marlohe, and a surprise villain.

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