Trailering Twixt

Following his eventful Comic-Con presentation, Francis Ford Coppola has launched the trailer for Twixt, his Cormanesque goth movie about tormented writer Val Kilmer tripping out with vampires in a seedy town. Capturing both a real and artificial look (thanks to digitally shooting live like a concert and editing on the fly in real-time), Coppola one ups his One From the Heart “electronic” experiment as well as his Rumble Fish music video and retro Dracula adventures. Hounded by an artistic mid-life crisis, Kilmer implodes in a cry for help. He’s haunted in his dreams by spirits (including Poe), and he’s seduced by Dern into collaborating on a book about a local serial killer.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, as the saying goes.

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