Trailering ToyTalk Launch

Former Pixar execs Oren Jacob, Martin Reddy, and Bobby Podesta have formed a new Northern California-based family entertainment company, ToyTalk, that turns the Toy Story premise on its head by having toys talk to kids.  Remember Teddy from A.I.: Artificial Intelligence? Well, imagine a talking teddy bear on the iPad that uses artificial intelligence and scripted voices. Watch the company teaser trailer to glimpse more.

The ToyTalk company and app will launch early next year and it could be a game-changer.

What better way to nurture child development than using Web and mobile-connected toys connected to the web and mobile devices powered by AI programs that track human movement? Such educational interactivity could be a game-changer.

ToyTalk is the brainchild of CEO Jacob (Pixar’s CTO for two decades), CTO Reddy (previously a lead software engineer at Pixar), and CCO Podesta (a one-time Pixar supervising animator and Animation Mentor co-founder). Reddy additionally helped build Siri at the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International.

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