Trailering Titanic in 3-D

Paramount has just released the first trailer and poster touting the return of Titanic in 3-D on April 6, 2012 in IMAX 3D and Real D 3D. Even without the benefit of a stereoscopic glimpse, you still get a greater sense of depth and intimacy. Just imagine what it’ll be like to go inside the ship and explore it more fully, not to mention how it’ll enhance those faces. Although I wasn’t able to attend the recent presentation at Paramount, the response was very positive, even among journos not receptive to conversion. This was echoed by VFX supervisor Rob Legato (Hugo), who worked on Titanic and saw some test footage as well.

However, I recently spoke with James Cameron, and, while admitting that he isn’t a fan of conversion and found the experience “freaky” to fix and redesign (at the very best you’re only getting 90% — and that’s after working on it for a year and spending $18 million), he’s understandably proud:

“The result of it, I think, is stunning,” Cameron admitted. “So I would imagine that fans that saw it multiple times and cherish the big screen experience are the ones that are going to get it. But you’ve also got a whole new generation that has never seen it in a movie theater. There’s a certain type of movie, whether it’s The Godfather or Avatar or Titanic, where you actually make a decision: I’m going to give myself the experience of watching this unbroken. And it will therefore do something to me. There will be an emotional result of having gone through that experience. And it’s not about finding out what the movie’s about. When you rush out on opening weekend to see some new movie, you’re just hoping it’s good and you’re going to see something you’ve never seen before. But when something is defined or known, like Avatar in week five or Titanic in week 16, people will line up for that. They make that deal with themselves and with their friends to go and subject themselves to that experience, and that’s unique. And you can’t get that on other platforms — it’s about going to the movie theater.”

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