Trailering Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Watch the first Force Awakens teaser (a breathless 88 seconds), which definitely reawakens our interest in the Star Wars franchise with some stylish updating of the iconic tropes.

It’s a new but familiar battle between “the dark side… and the light.”  Stormtroopers,  a goofy soccer ball-shaped droid, X-Wing Starfighter, the Millennium Falcon, newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. That’s Andy Serkis delivering the ominous voice-over. But is that cloaked figure brandishing a red cross-shaped lightsaber Adam Driver?  The continuity between trilogies is smooth and this truly appears to be J. J. Abrams looking forward and back as a youngster and adult in this generational reboot.

The teaser can also be seen in 30 theaters across North America beginning today. Following this weekend, the teaser can be seen in theaters around the world this December. Check out for a complete list of theaters. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens Dec. 18, 2015

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