Trailering New Gatsby

The latest trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby (May 10) makes it look like a Jazz Age Romeo + Juliet, with the hot sounds of Beyonce, Andre 3000, Lana Del Ray, and Florence + The Machine with lots of help from rapper and exec producer Jay-Z.

Awash in lush imagery and music — and presumably immersive 3-D — let’s hope Luhrmann’s unique stylization is a dynamic way of tapping into Fitzgerald’s fairy tale of the American Dream, when the elite were drunk with sex and glam as an escape from the darker side of life.

Why, the mise en scene is like a surreal fun house mirroring the mind of Leonardo DiCaprio’s free-spirited Jay Gatsby. But it all turns into a haunted house when Carey Mulligan’s Daisy re-enters his mysterious life.

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