Trailering More World War Z

There’s a second trailer for World War Z (June 21), the zombie invasion/political conspiracy thriller starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace).

U. N. specialist Brad Pitt is ripped from his family and traverses the globe, during the frantic invasion, when the East Coast and Moscow are lost and the end of humanity is looming. The undead is like an unending swarm, building ladders and wall ramps. In a throwback to the political thrillers of the ’70s, Pitt realizes there might’ve been a CIA/Russian cover-up predicting the pandemic. The most frightening moment occurs, of course, when the zombies attack the plane he’s on.

Cinesite, MPC and Framestore handle VFX duties, with The Third Floor and Halon providing previs.

“I learned a tremendous amount about CGI on WWZ, creating a realistic world in which the antagonists — the zombies — were computer-generated or enhanced,” explains Oscar-winning cinematographer Bob Richardson.

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