Trailering More Inside Llewyn Davis

The second trailer takes us deeper into the Oscar-contending Inside Llewyn Davis from the Coen brothers, screening at the New York Film Festival and opening Dec. 6.

With the Coens, it’s all about capturing a state of mind in keeping with the environment. Here, it’s the fledgling folk music scene of ’61 in the Village, only it’s dour and chilly and off-kilter for the eponymous performer played by Oscar Isaac. It’s as if they’re reminding us that the hope of Kennedy’s Camelot is doomed from the start.

During a cab ride he tells manager John Goodman that he’s gone solo after his partner “threw himself off the George Washington Bridge.” But Goodman says, “You throw yourself off the Brooklyn Bridge… traditionally.”

There’s nothing traditional about Inside Llewyn Davis: he’s stuck with a cat that escaped from an apartment; he has an ongoing relationship with his disdainful ex-girlfriend (Carey Mulligan); but he’s propelled by a dream and everlasting potential (the sight of F. Murray Abraham at the audition can’t help but bring us back to Salieri and Amadeus).

The trailer is fittingly wrapped around Marcus Mumford’s cover of “Fare Thee Well,” available on the soundtrack Sept. 17. ¬†Framestore provides some supporting VFX.

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