Trailering Brave

Disney has released the first Brave trailer and Pixar is definitely reaching for something new and adventurous with its 13th feature (opening June 22, 2012). Yes, Brenda Chapman was replaced as director by Mark Andrews (the One Man Band short and story supervisor on The Incredibles), but this should put a stop once and for all to this male only nonsense: Brave is Pixar’s first female-driven story — and a folk tale at that — about a fiery Scottish princess (Kelly MacDonald) and skillful archer, who confronts the legend of a bear in her dangerous rite of passage into womanhood. The characters are caricatured in wildly diverse proportions and the Scottish landscape is lush and ethereal in storybook fashion. It’s all very richly stylized, serious as well as humorous, and teases us with just enough to stir interest.

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