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Tim Burton will next direct Big Eyes, reports Deadline. Amy Adams (Oscar-nominated for The Master) and Christoph Waltz (Oscar winner for Django Unchained) star as Margaret and Walter Keane, whose paintings of large-eyed women and children became mass-produced kitsch art in the ’50s and ’60s.  Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (Ed Wood) are scripting and co-producing with Burton and Lynette Howell of Electric City Ent. The Weinstein Co. is closing in on financing and distribution, with production to begin this summer.

This long in development off-beat biopic (which most recently had Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Reynolds attached) is tailor-made for Burton’s goth sensibilities and design aesthetic and the perfect time for him to go indie. Fame, art, marriage, and manipulation all wrapped around doe-eyed sadness. Will Ed Wood lightning strike twice? After all, the big-eyed prints became a low-brow staple of hardware stores and gas stations across the country. But the real story is the simmering acrimony between husband and wife.

While Walter was the marketing wiz, appearing on talk shows, he also took artistic credit even though his wife was the real painter; and when they divorced, Margaret had to prove she was the true artist during a display of dueling painters before a judge. Christoph seems perfect as the charming yet abusive spouse, while Adams will be more soulful and vulnerable.

Burton reportedly commissioned Keane to paint Lisa Marie; and animator Craig McCracken based The Powerpuff Girls on Keane’s waifs and also named the schoolteacher Ms. Keane.

Harvey Weinstein obviously has his sights set on Oscar gold here and another chance for Burton to get that elusive Academy Award.

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