Tibbitt Talks Sponge Out of Water

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 years since the first SpongeBob Movie, but it’s been worth the wait as creator Stephen Hillenburg and show writer/exec producer Paul Tibbitt have come up with a fresh and funny mixed-media extravaganza as well as a timely superhero parody. Tibbitt, who directs the sequel, tells us about his experiences, including transforming the beloved 2D characters into CG.

Bill Desowitz: Let’s begin with the story. What was the biggest challenge?

Paul Tibbitt: Well, obviously the biggest challenge is expanding the short form into a feature-length. Also, for us, we’ve been on the air for a while, so for us the other challenge is making something different to get people to drive to a movie theater and pay $12. But the seed of the idea came from an outline we wrote for the show where the Krusy Krab runs out of napkins and they realize that that’s what holds their civilization together. And then everybody goes into Mad Max mode. Then we realized this could be a bigger thing and that’s how we latched onto this as a movie. But because SpongeBob is so unflappable and we didn’t want him to change in the movie, so we wanted him to remain positive and decided to hook him and Plankton up and had Plankton go through the change. That was our starting point.

BD: And it was funny to witness Bikini Bottom without Krabby Patties and the post-apocalyptic craziness.

PT: It’s sort of like the first cup of coffee in the morning. Yeah, it was a funny idea that things would digress that quickly. And it was a pretty fine line because we didn’t want to seem too dark because we know that our first audience is kids. So we tried to keep it light and fun. We were also influenced by the irreverence of Monty Python.

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