Talking with the Makeup Oscar Nominees

For my TOH column at Indiewire, I discuss the Oscar-nominated makeup for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, The Iron Lady, and Albert Nobbs with Nick Dudman, Mark Coulier, and  Matthew Mungle.

“The thing about ‘Potter’ we’ve always said is: You’ve got to treat it as though it isn’t a fantasy film at all — you’ve got to treat it like everyone’s got a history they’ve lived through and it has a reality to it. So we really did obsess on detail,” Dudman says.

“We thought that with the wig and the costume and Meryl’s performance, that was enough for the younger age. For the older, we pushed it a little further: we injected more of the puffy cheeks that Thatcher developed in later years and the neck,” Coulier recalls.

“It was all about taking these two beautiful women and turning them into men,” explains Mungle.

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