Talking Her Oscar-Nominated Score

Oscar-nominated William Butler’s first-time experience composing the wistful score for Spike Jonze’s Her with his Arcade Fire partner Owen Pallett was a bit of a romance as well as a crash course in moviemaking. And yet the experience opened him up more intuitively to the collaborative process, which also paid off on their latest album, Reflektor.

“Because we’re very much our own bosses and working on something where you had to defer to the director and see it through his eyes was a great musical challenge that you could apply to everything else,” Butler admits. “Now I can see an album through my band mate’s eyes instead of just solely focusing on me. And the same with the film: What do these characters need? It expands you and makes you more open as a musician.”

The Montreal-based Arcade Fire duo spent more than a year crafting their score to get more intimately wrapped around the off-beat romance between Joaquin Phoenix’s Theodore and Scarlett Johansson’s computer operating system, Samantha. “We were trying to reshape the world and the relationship, and the world around them just got cut away. And the music went through a similar arc where it was slightly more epic and then it became more and more intimate and warmer and personal the longer we worked on it.”

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