Talking Dragon 2 Sound and Score

In keeping with Dean DeBlois’ ambitious vision for How to Train Your Dragon 2, both the sound design by Randy Thom and score by John Powell were more adventurous as well. For the Oscar-winning Thom (The IncrediblesThe Right Stuff), that entailed crafting a more elaborate soundscape. And for Powell, who received an Oscar nomination for the firstDragon score, that meant composing a more complex score.

But the majority of the sound work on the DreamWorks Oscar contender still revolved around the lovable Toothless, who displays greater acting range. “He is made of elephants and camels and leopards and walruses and dogs (including puppies),” explains Thom, director of sound design at Skywalker Sound.

But when Toothless needed to be more empathetic and anthropomorphic, Thom resorted to dogs. “And when all else fails, I use my own voice. And that involves me going into a dark room, where nobody’s watching me make a fool of myself and I make an endless series of animalistic sounds.”

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