Source Code Goes Blu

Source Code (on Blu-ray July 26th from Summit Ent.) proves that Moon was no fluke. Duncan Jones follows his brilliant debut with a more conventional sci-fi thriller, yet Source Code is just as trippy and existential, and even more gripping. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a mysterious soldier transported to a Chicago commuter after it’s exploded as part of a secret military project. It’s part Ground Hog Day and part Twilight Zone. Gyllenhaal takes the guise of one of the commuter passengers, and races against time in continual eight-minute loops to identify the bomber before he can strike again, piecing together the puzzle on the train as well as his own strange circumstances. In fact, Source Code turns into a fascinating love triangle involving one of the passengers (Michelle Monaghan) that humanizes him and the military liaison  (Vera Farmiga) that guides him on his journey. It’s a sublime time travel story about destiny.

The subdued color palette from cinematographer Don Burgess comes across effectively on Blu-ray, and the CG environments and digital doubles principally handled by Modus FX seamlessly blend together without notice.

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