Sony Imageworks Talks Edge of Tomorrow Mimics

For the first time, Sony Pictures Imageworks, which is moving its headquarters from Culver City to Vancouver to stay competitive, embraced gritty, CG photorealism for Doug Liman’s smart and trippy Edge of Tomorrow. Truly War of the Worlds meets Groundhog Day, with Tom Cruise caught in a nightmarish loop, the aliens he’s up against were a strange, tough animation challenge for Imageworks.

In fact, Liman discovered a video called Resonance/Deus Ex Machina (see below), which perfectly conveys the look he was after with this simple geometric cube that grows and evolves violently.

“I think Doug was attracted to the power and unpredictability of the video, the fact that it didn’t have a preservation of volume… and it just felt kind of terrifying,” recalls Dan Kramer, the VFX supervisor from Imageworks (Hotel Transylvania). “He just wanted it to be really scary and thought, if that thing could just move in front of you, could grow tentacles and shape shift, that could be really be powerful and interesting.”

When Kramer arrived, Framestore and MPC art departments were already working on ideas along with the internal production art department. There was even a clay maquette that was solely made of tentacles that looked like a bag of spaghetti. It provided inspiration for shape shifting and spawning tentacles and retracting them.

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