Sneaking Skyfall

Empire previews Skyfall (Oct. 26 in the UK; Nov. 9 in North America) and uncovers that this one’s personal between M and baddie Silva (Javier Bardem), which makes it personal for Bond as well.

Here’s a new synopsis: When Bond’s latest assignment goes gravely wrong and agents around the world are exposed, MI6 is attacked forcing M to relocate the agency. These events cause her authority and position to be challenged by Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), the new chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee. With MI6 now compromised from both inside and out, M is left with one ally she can trust: Bond. 007 takes to the shadows — aided only by field agent, Eve (Naomie Harris) — following a trail to the mysterious Silva (Javier Bardem), whose lethal and hidden motives have yet to reveal themselves.

“It’s a much more personal story than your traditional, ‘I’ve got a nuclear device and I’m going to blow up the world,’” said Mendes, adding that the extreme look of Silva with his white hair is “also based on the history of all the Bond villains.”

And with Daniel Craig’s Bond, there’s a continuation of the seriousness introduced in Casino Royale — returning full circle to Fleming — but also returning to the classical roots of the franchise. “It’s a little bit old school…. But there’s room within that for wit and irony,” Mendes conceded. “Some of the reality and some of the darkness.”

At the same time, the reintroduction of Q (Ben Whishaw) as younger and nerdier is given greater dramatic importance. How else to combat a villainous computer hacker than with a computer genius from MI6?

Craig also said it’s clear that Bond has aged since Quantum. “It’s part of the plot to do with where he’s at and how he’ s feeling, as opposed to it being about something we’ve discussed through the whole movie.”

Meanwhile. Roger Deakins recently discussed shooting the first digital Bond in Amsterdam; Sky Movies 007 HD launches on Oct.  5 (Global James Bond Day), and  incorporates all the Bonds in this promo clip; and here’s the latest trailer:

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