Sergio Mendes Talks Rio 2

In Rio 2, musical legend Sergio Mendes helps expand the Brazilian flavor as the adventure continues in the Amazon. For director Carlos Saldanha, musically it’s richer and more multi-layered, and, as the story progresses, the jungle offers its own vibe, and, by the end, it’s a mixture of the two. Mendes tells what the musical journey has been like for him.

What was the experience like the second time around, expanding beyond the Rio-flavored music?

When Carlos showed me the storyboard three years ago, my first thought was it would be a wonderful possibility to explore all the diversity of Brazilian music, not only Carnival or Rio de Janeiro but also the other rhythms we have from different parts of Brazil and I think that made this movie [different].

Let’s talk about this range of music.

Well, the movie starts on New Year’s Eve in Rio. It’s a very celebratory and international and a great time to go to Brazil to experience that. So the idea came to have Janelle Monae, who has a very unique voice and a young sound but has that international [appeal] as well, so she wrote that song, ‘What is Love,’ which is perfect for the movie.

And we added some Brazilian percussion to make it local. And then it keeps going. The birds travel and there’s a song there called ‘O Vida,’ which I wrote with Carlinhos Brown and John Powell. And they get to the Amazon and while they’re there’s a band from Brazil called Uakti, three guys that build their own instruments, very unique, very unusual. So they brought their instruments to LA and John was able to incorporate that sound through the soundtrack.And Carlinhos Brown also brought the sounds of Bahia. And we have the soccer thing at the end and it was fascinating to be part of that ride for me.

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