Rick Heinrichs Talks Big Eyes Design

The BAFTA-nominated production designer had fun recreating San Francisco on the cultural cusp in Tim Burton’s Big Eyes.

“The period was visually and graphically forward-thinking… futuristic-modern, although things got a little psychedelic there in the ’60s, but they were all dealing with simple, strong shapes and colors,” notes Rick Heinrichs, who attended CalArts, like Burton, before working together at Disney. “And when you’re working in film, there’s nothing like having that kind of palette to work with.”

While North Beach and San Francisco in general were ahead of the country culturally back then, reality is more complex than merely packing a street with every trope from the period. “There are cars going back 20 years and there are styles of clothing that are a melange. What was cool about this was we were in a cutting edge environment, stylistically.”

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