Previewing The Book of Life

Director Jorge Gutierrez and producer Guillermo del Toro showed off some gorgeous-looking footage fromThe Book of Life (Oct. 17) at Fox on Monday. It boasts a distinct design and a wonderfully tactile quality, revealing that Reel FX (Free Birds) has come of age as an animated indie. And it looks like fun, family entertainment that certainly breaks the CG norm, which del Toro emphasized.

“It represents Mexico not just as a folkloric memory but as a place that has been influenced by punk, ska, rock’n'roll, borders, modernity,” added del Toro, who was wooed by Gutierrez’ special passion and baroque sensibility. “You need to also protect the universe…that is unique visually, that is of a piece, that doesn’t feel fragmented.”

Del Toro promised Gutierrez that they could get the handmade feel of the concept art and marionettes in CG animation because it “hypertexturizes” the world and makes it fascinating in a new way.”

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